An absolute seasonal trend is confirmed: it is the slingback, the décolleté open on the heel conceived by Coco Chanel in 1957 and constantly revisited over the years. A fashion accessory that exults over time, a timeless symbol of style and fine elegance. Bon ton, with a midi heel, comfortable and incredibly fashionable, the slingback is a must for spring summer 2020. Being glam with a slingback is quick and easy; the shoe perfectly matches any look and is able to make even the simplest of outfits chic!

An indispensable classic in the wardrobe of every fashion addicted, the slingback has been vividly interpreted and today it wears new colors and many accessories. Thanks to strong colors and gritty details, the slingback is not only the footwear of the refined and formal outfits, but is able to accompany the woman at any time of the day. The model is perfect to make your office look unique, in your free time, at an aperitif ... a thousand combinations and combinations to always be in trend!

In the new Formentini Spring Summer 2020 collection, the best seller is undoubtedly the leather slingback with maxi buckle. Available in white, yellow, red, it has been chosen and worn by numerous fashion influencers, who have interpreted them according to their own taste and style.

Nicole Carosini chose the white leather model and had fun combining it with different outfits. With the animal print suit it has made the look gritty and decisive, with the long silk dress it immediately acquires a more delicate and sophisticated allure.

Alessandra Costa, Alessandra Costa, with her lively and funny spirit, could only opt for the yellow leather variant. His video on Tik Tok with shoes went viral!

Anche Ylenia Totino also chose the Formentini slingback and took it on vacation with her! With its midi cleat and scarlet red color, the accessory is ideal for lighting up its summer look.

The slingback with maxi Formentini buckle proves to be a real must for every fashion victim and has also been chosen for the fashion editorials of important national newspapers

A return of the season in style for the slingback thanks to that allure and elegance that have characterized it since its debut.