The search for beauty, the passion for style, attention to quality, a philosophy devoted to excellence with commitment and dedication, all this is Formentini.

Formentini shoes are feminine and contemporary, a dynamism of ideas and inspirations able to capture fashion trends to shape seasonal items, the expression of a current lifestyle able to enhance the personality of the woman who wears them. The new Formentini collection tells about the must-have accessories of Spring Summer 2020.

The leitmotiv that guides the Formentini hand and pencil is the look to the future: leaving some original aesthetic codes intact without excluding the elements linked to the contemporary. The essence of the brand survives over time by processing old icons, transferring them to the phenomena of the moment. Thus was born the new collection, in the wake of three major guiding themes: URBAN EARTH, RIVIERA VIBES, MAGIC TRIPS.


The return to nature and to simple, pure and raw things. The urban classic is revisited in a modern key, the icons of the 70s impose themselves in the current panorama as a testimony to the cyclical nature of fashions, the undisputed charm of simple and refined elegance marries the dynamism of the time adapting to shapes and heights capable of accompany the woman on all occasions and throughout the day. The colors are solid and natural, with many variations of white.