The company is headquartered in Marche, a nucleus for footwear production in Italy. Formentini works clo- sely with local supplier around Marche to ensure that the entire production process, from sourcing raw materials and components through to other aspects of production such as finishing is of the finest quality.

From this close scrutiny and attention to every detail, the Formentini artisans extract the best from the expert suppliers in the region so as to guarantee the exclusive styling of its finished products.


The eponymous company was founded by Luigi Formentini in 1950. His very first collection was a line of children’s shoes which proved an instant success. Since then, Luigi has directed the company with his innate sense of style and his uncanny ability to discover hitherto unfulfilled market demands. Under his guidance, the company has gone from strength to strength. By 1980, with a chain of successes under his belt, Luigi gradually transferred the management of the company to his children. Under his stewardship, a new generation of Formentini artisans embarked on a new phase of women’s fashion footwear. The adherence to the Formentini tradition of taste, quality and fashion sense created a loyal following in Italy as the products were distributed domestically. In 1994, the Formentini collection was first distributed internationally and soon after became widely coveted as a must- have item in many woman’s closet. By 2012, the company has become a market leader not only in Italy but internationally as well. Formentini enjoys the support of over 1,500 clients from all over the world: including and not limited to Europe, Japan, Russia, the United States, the Mid-East and Australia. In 1998, Formentini consolidated its production facilities into a 6000 square meter, technologically advanced production complex. With the improvements in its production facilities, the company currently produces over 1,000,000 pairs of shoes for year.